Who we are

AstroMUD is a text based MMORPG that combines fantasy and themed worlds to create a unique playing experience that is built on developed friendships with others. It is a CircleMUD based game that has been heavily modified and built up since 1995. Like any successful online community, our strength has been built from our interactions with each other. Players have come and gone over the years, but AstroMUD has kept a great community alive.


What is CircleMUD?

CircleMUD is a MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, a text based role-playing game based on the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Don’t know the rules of D&D? That’s okay. Many of us don’t, either. If you understand the basic concepts of hitpoints and mana, you’ll fit right in without a hitch.

You create a character of your own, equip it with gear that helps build up your hitpoints (think of your health meter in any first person shooter), mana (the ability to cast magical spells), and stats. Gain experience with every kill along the way on the pursuit to better gear, and knowledge. Group up with others and take on challenges you would otherwise never consider.

The next step

What are you waiting for? It’s free! Really. No ads, either.

Get yourself a suitable client and login. We have players online who would be more than happy to help get you started. Build up your character and learn the world around you.

Take a look at the getting started page to learn more about how to get connected.


AstroMUD, a friendly CircleMUD game since 1995. Come join us at astromud.net:2447.


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